East Boston

During the 19th century, some of the world's fastest clipper ships were built in East Boston by the famous shipbuilder Donald McKay. Today, as you walk along the Harborwalk in East Boston, you'll find maritime industry still very much alive -- from the building of ships using the most cutting-edge technology to the docking of tugboats that are responsible for navigating ocean-bound tankers and cargo ships through the harbor every day. Along East Boston's Harborwalk, visitors can also access a wide array of recreational facilities and open spaces. Get lost in the natural splendor at Belle Isle Marsh, take a stroll around the Condor Street Urban Wild, or bring the entire family for a day of sun and fun at Constitution Beach. Those seeking more activity can enjoy sailing at the Piers Park Sailing Center or skateboarding at Boston's first skateboard park. With this vibrant mix of local favorites and hidden gems, the East Boston Harborwalk offers something for everyone.

Use the interactive map below to focus in on sites within the East Boston neighborhood, or download a printable map in PDF format.

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